Tapasee Pannu or Hansika Motwani Who is the luckiest actress?

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Published on February 3, 2015

Tapasee Pannu Hot Stills
Tapsee is booming with enthusiasm after her maiden venture “Aadukalam” won award after award in the National film festival this year. The snow white beauty was a little green with jealousy as her arch rival Hansika was in lime light more than her. Both Hansika and Tapsee entered Tollywood and Kollywood together. But Hansika’s films started to release in a row and she got better chances than Tapsee. Tapsee’s only Tamil film “Aadukalam” was released way before Hansika’s first film. Though Tapsee became very famous overnight, she felt she was long forgotten after the movie, in front of the Hansika wave.

Things have changed suddenly now. Hansika’s films did not do very well in the box office. Though she has very good looks, enough glamour and charm, both her movies got only average response. This led to a general talk in the industry about the young girl’s bad luck. On the other hand Tapsee’s only film grossed millions in box office and have won numerous National Awards too. So the producers consider Tapsee as a lucky charm. They want her to do at least a song or a few scenes in their movies, just for the sake of sentiment.

Tapsee is beaming with joy at this sudden turn of incidents. “I am really lucky” she says. Her next movie is “Vandhan Vendran” with Jeeva. The movie is an action thriller. Jeeva acts a professional boxer in the movie. Sources say there are lots of hot scenes for the Tapsee and Jeeva in the film. Tapsee is going to ride a huge bike and do some stunts in it in the movie. “I already did such a scene in one of my previous films. The director wanted me to repeat the same in this film. The bike stunt scenes were shot wonderfully. You will love the tough Tapsee in this movie” she declared.

Fair complexion, sweet face, glamour, stunts and acting! Who won’t enjoy this teenage treat! I should try my hands in comedy sometime is the twinkling girls statement. Tamil fans couldn’t wait long to get more of her in the upcoming films.


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