Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum – A Solid Debut Film from Ramprakash Rayappa

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Published on April 23, 2015

Written and directed by Ramprakash Rayappa, Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum is a Tamil movie that belongs to the social thriller genre. Released on February 20, 2015, this movie has been produced by V. Chandran and VLS Rock Cinema.

Starring Attakathi Dinesh (playing Mukil), Nakul (playing Vasanth), Aishwarya Dutta (playing Harini), Sathish (playing Raja), and Bindu Madhavi (playing Simi), Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum has an ensemble cast comprising Roshini Sridharan, Md. Asif (playing the terrorist), Manobala (playing the college principal), Shalu Shammu (playing Maha), and Urvashi. Cinematography has been handled by Deepak Kumar Padhy and the editing table has been manned by VJ Sabu Joseph. Music has been composed by S. Thaman.

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum has its share of great and not-so-great moments, but it can be described as a “fairly good” movie. The plot has three parallel stories that are quite neatly intertwined in the climax without colliding with each other. Director Rampraksh deserves kudos for choosing such a complicated script for his debut project! The screenplay seems a bit slow at the start and gains momentum as the film approaches the interval. The second half of the movie has a brisker pace, but the climax turns out to be predictable and clichéd. Brilliant cinematography and good music compensates for the jumpy editing.
Nakul impressed with his subtle and calm acting while Attakathi Dinesh lacked expressions. Sathish keeps viewers entertained with witty one-liners and Urvashi surprises with her accurate comic timing.

Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum is a decent thriller full of situational and gap-filling humor. The moral messages spread all over the film do not make it a drag if viewers decide to ignore them. This 144-minute-long movie that was made and promoted with a budget of 10 million Indian rupees deserves appreciation for the manner in which the director treats the multi-strand narrative without making it confusing.

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