Meera Jasmine - The National Award Actress, when she was introduced in "RUN" pair with Madhavan... She impressed the Tamil viewers by her performance in that movie. Meera Jasmine is not for glamour; She is for Acting. Meera Jasmine was basically from Malayalam Cinema who was introduced by Logi doss.

After Run she was very busy with Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. She is always in the top in wedding rumour as well.

1. Meera jasmine and her double aged logi dass both are married and they live together. This was first rumour came on her. She was denied and she cried in one public meeting that is presided over by Kerala Chief minister. Meera Jasmine produced one Tamil movie "Kasturi Mann" directed by Logi doss. She and Prasanna was pair with that movie. After Kasturi Mann flop, Meera jasmine-logi doss living together rumour was disappeared.

2. The second rumour was Prithvi Raj and Meera Jasmine was engaged and was going to married... But, after some time it was Disappeared.

3. When Meera Jasmine was acted in "Thiru Mangan" pair with SJ Surya there was rumour around the Tamil cinema industry that Both were married in Nagore Velanganni Church.  Thirumagan story written by Ratna Kumar and directed by him, Ratnakumar gave equal importance of three heroines i.e. Meera Jasmine, Preeti Verma, Malavika. But, SJ Surya change that story to give more importance to Meera Jasmine. When Thirumagan movie was flop in box office. SJ Surya- Meera Jasmine Marriage rumour was disappeared.

4. Meera Jasmine- Mandalin Sreenivas brother Rajesh got married at Tirupati Temple and both are living together in Chennai - This is the rumour has been spreading in Tamil Cinema industry for last couple of week. Now, last couple of weeks. Meera jasmine denied this rumour and she claimed that some media persons targeting her by creating these rumours and spread it.

In Tamil Cinema when they want to get publicity they are creating this type of rumour and get cheap publicity. But, Meera Jasmine case is very different. Meera Jasmine without rumour time is very less compare with rumoured time. She is eligible to get award "The Most rumoured actress" apart from National Award.

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