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Published on May 30, 2015

Vindhai-Tamil-movie-mahendran-and-manishajith-2.jpgReleased on May 2015, Vindhai is a Tamil comedy directed by Lawraa and produced by R.L. Yesudoss and R Y Alwin. This 2-hour-16-minute movie revolves around a young man and woman who having had run away from their homes have been brought to a police station where they end up being spectators to the varied goings-on.

The star-cast of Vindhai comprises Mahendran, Manisha Jith, Mano Bala, MS Baskar, Mahanadhi Shankar, Kadhal Saravanan, Nellai Siva, Scissor Manohar and Muthukalai. The cinematography of this fun-filled entertainer has been handled by Ratheesh Khanna and the music has been composed by Williams. The editing has been done by Bharathy. The movie has been made under the banner of Annai Pudhumaimadha Films.

A police station, which is usually perceived as a serious and often morbid place, has been portrayed to be the site of myriad fun-filled moments in Vindhai. A place, where people usually go only during hours of crisis, has been turned into a cradle of comedy by the director Lawraa.
Vindhai-Tamil-movie-mahendran-and-manishajith-1.jpgVindhai begins with Kavya (played by Manisha) and Karthi (played by Mahendra) fleeing from their homes, availing a lorry. The next sequence brings viewers to a police station where the cop suspects these two to be eloping lovers. As the viewers start waiting for something to happen, they are kept waiting, and the film reaches intermission. Nothing much happens even after the interval. A mixed lot of people are seen in the police station. This bunch includes drug peddlers, prostitutes, transgenders, married couples, and wannabe directors who just appear and disappear without adding much to the plot.
Sujibala-in Vindhai-Movie-Review.jpgActors like Scissor Manohar, Muthukalai, and Nellai Siva fail miserably to make viewers laugh. The movie comes to life only when MS Baskar appears playing a Tamil scholar named Tamizh Aayndha who drives everyone crazy by speaking in unadulterated Tamil. This is the only portion when viewers realize that the movie could have been extraordinary, had there been better actors and a solid script.

Vindhai Promises to be a Laugh-Riot and Disappoints

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