Tamil Movie Vengai Review – As Fast as a Cheetah

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Published on April 11, 2015

What is the basic element which makes a film interesting? Good story, actor, actress or music? It is definitely the screenplay. Hollywood movies like “The Bourne Ultimatum” are examples for how a one line story can be turned into a two hour thriller. Here is one such mass class movie from Hari once again. Some directors just know how to do it great on the big screen. Hari is one such director who masters in making interesting masala films. He had proved it right from his first film “Thamizh”. “Vengai” joins his long list of hits today. The director could have just avoided some scenes which make us remember his previous films.

As mentioned earlier the story of “Vengai” is a one liner. Conflict between Rajkiran who is a good doer and Prakash Raj who is a bad doer is the base of the story. Dhanush is Rajkiran’s son crossing the ways of the MLA Prakash Raj who tries to steal money using his position. Dhanush is packed off to Trichy by his father to stay away from trouble. The hero engages in romance with Tammana as usual and wins the villain in the end. Kanja Karuppu for comedy does his job just well.  A very fast story with sentiment, action and comedy mixed in perfect proportion. It is quite entertaining to watch especially in the second half.

Vetri the cinematographer shines in the way he had filmed the action scenes. His camera captures Tammana’s wonderful beauty without any restriction. The lady looks best through his lens than in any other film. Devi Sri Prasad for music. We get to hear pulsating music after “Singam” in this movie. Suchitra singing the meaningless babbles sounding like Chinese sound peculiar but sweet. We will get to hear all the songs in the music channels quite often, for the next few months.

The full credit of the film goes director Hari for making such a fast paced film with an interesting twist in the climax. We feel like coming out of a fast moving train when we come out of the theater. The film is quite normal from a critic point of view. But when it comes to entertainment and good collection “Vengai” is definitely a speed racer.


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