Tamil Movie Thilagar Review – Thilagar much action with no impact!

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Published on April 16, 2015

Neethu-Chandra-Hot-in-ThilagarDirected by Perumal Pillai, Thilagar (or Thilakar) is a Tamil action drama revolving around a timid man who is compelled to fight against injustice. Released on March 20, 2015, this ambitious film is filled with bloodshed, severing of heads, and bombing of buildings.

Starring Kishore, Dhruva, Anumol, Ukira Pandian, and Mrudula Bhaskar, Thilagar is filled with such extreme violence that even a review of this film should be tagged with an “A” certification! The movie has ideological problems like suddenly a timid Thilagar starts violating law and turning violent in a plot that was supposed to promote education. Although the movie overflows with violence, it lacks energy and pace. The major scenes take place at a snail’s pace and the pompous item number that features Neetu Chandra also fails to make any impact.
Kishore and Anumol in Thilagar
Thilagar has some amount of romance, a lot of emotions, and an abundance of action and violence. Audiences find it difficult to connect to whatever is happening on the screen as real life thankfully lacks this kind of raw action and is way less cinematic. Kishore and Mrudula are the only familiar actors and the latter graces the screen in class. The screen presence that Kishore (playing Bose Pandian, Thilagar’s brother) has need not be elaborated, as he can send a chill down the spine just with his lethal look. Dhruva, playing Thilagar, is not able to capitalize on this opportunity of playing the protagonist as he fails to establish the impact of his character almost till the climax while Kishore clouds him continuously. Character establishments like that in the case of Thilagar’s sister-in-law are inconsistent and jumpy. Songs are not very impressive, although the background score is inspiring. The poetic dialogues full of similes come across as unreal thus alienating the viewers a lot.
Miruthula Baskar in Thilagar
Overall, Thilagar is a movie with a good story and impressive production design.

Bam Bim Bam -Hot Song of the Year by Neetu Chandra in Thilagar


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