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Published on June 12, 2015

Soan Papdi is a Tamil comedy crime thriller, written and directed by the debutante Sivani. which has hit the theaters on last week. Produced by S Kalaivani (under the banner of Golden Movie Maker), who has also penned the story of Soan Papdi, the movie revolves around an engineer who finds himself in a mysterious quandary where he begins a journey of unraveling the mystery that is all around.

Soan_papdi_posterThis 1-hour-59-minute movie features Sri, Priya, and the debutante child actor Sahil in the lead roles. The supporting cast comprises Manobala, Besant Ravi, Pattimandram Raja, Niranjana, Kalakalappu Balaji, and Harris. The editing has been handled by K Thanigachalam and the music has been scored by Dhanraj Manickam.

Soan Papdi is one of those movies that sincerely try to be different, but sadly fail due to the crew’s lack of basic filmmaking knowledge.Soan Papdi is another such film that had started out as a passion project, but has finally ended up as almost a vanity project. The film, with its lengthy plot, tries the viewers’ patience, even though its duration is a little less than 2 hours. Hey-Chocolates-song-Soan-Papdi

The decent plot that the film has got is marred by an ineffectual filmmaking and poor writing. The entire movie suffers from naïve storytelling and amateur treatment. The romantic portions almost make one cringe and the ridiculous twists bring out unintended laughter. There are many absurd parts in the story in which the viewers are totally unable to find any logic whatsoever. There is nothing sensible about the lovers not taking Sahil to the police station or the kidnappers leaving their den unguarded.

The sensible parts of the movie are when Shiva uses his computer education to save his friend and solve the crime. However, the sincerity in Sivani’s attempt has unfortunately not been enough for delivering a light and airy Soan Papdi.



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