Tamil movie Sabash Sariyana Potti Review

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Published on May 7, 2015

TV serial fame Venu Aravind’s first directorial venture doesn’t impress the audience much. The story is old. We feel like looking into a “Madisar Mami” when the whole world is racing ahead with topless bikinis. The age old hero fan relationship is the crux of the story. The director made it as lethargic and uninteresting as possible. The story would have turned into a much exciting one, if the script would have been better.

Gnana Guru is an innocent fan who lives in a village and adores his mass hero madly. Jayaram comes as the mass hero. The fan and the actor meet one fine day. Gnana guru shows his mimicry talent to Jayaram. The hero assures him he is fantastic, just to make the simple village guy happy. The young man takes things too seriously and follows the hero to the city, only to find out what a rogue he is. Gnana guru decides to try his luck in a talent search held by a TV channel. The judge of the competition happens to be the same hero he worships. The cold war between Jayaram and Gnana Guru is very hilarious.

Tamil movie Sabash Sariyana Potti Review

The film is a complete comedy flick with absolutely no logic. The music and the cinematography are average.  There is nothing so special or new in the story. Most of the audiences clear the theater, half an hour before the climax. The only person shouldering the story is Jayaram. The actors experience and talent ebbs in every scene. Venu Aravind should try very hard next time to make his film worthy of watching.

The hero of the film Sriram Karthik manages to attract little attention with his acting. The young hero had tried to do whatever the director asked him to do. He looks like a lost sheep in most of the scenes. The main drawback of the film is that, it doesn’t satisfy the youth or the elderly people. Though it is a comedy film, people lose their patience when there is no logic. The film will air in a television channel in the next two months.


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