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Published on June 20, 2015

romeo-juliet-jayam-ravi-hansika-motwani-1Written and directed by Lakshman, Romeo Juliet is a Tamil romantic comedy featuring Hansika Motwani and Jayam Ravi in the lead roles. Released worldwide on June 12 2015, the film has been receiving positive responses from the general audience. Jayam Ravi plays Karthick (Romeo) and Hansika plays Aishu (Juliet), while the rest of the roles are enacted by Poonam Bajwa (playing Nisha), Vamsi Krishna (playing Arjun), VTV Ganesh (playing himself), Uma Padmanabhan (playing Karthick’s mother), Shreya Gupta (playing Tina), and Arya in a special appearance (as himself).

Produced by Madras Enterprises and S Nanthagopal, this 150-minute-long movie has been edited by Anthony. The cinematography has been handled by S Soundar Rajan and the music has been composed by D Imman. The songs have been sung by Vishal Dadlani, Anthony Dasan, Anirudh Ravichander, Sunitha Sarathy, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, and Hyde Karty.

Jeyam Ravi and Hansika Motwani Chemistry
Although it has grossed an impressive worldwide opening in the box office, the Tamil Romeo Juliet is a torturous mix of melodrama and comedy. It is different from the love stories usually seen, as in it is quite a tough saga showing what happens after the girl dumps the guy. Hansika looks gorgeous and her cute expressions earn her positive reviews. However, she would do better if she remembered that she does not always need to shout out loud. The chemistry between Jayam and Hansika is excellent and the music (background as well as songs) is soothing to the ears.

An average romantic comedy, Romeo Juliet somehow succeeds to meet the expectations of a romantic movie lover. Those who are ready to overlook the certain illogicality and preposterousness in the plot would find this movie enjoyable. However, Tamil movies like Romeo Juliet convey the message aloud that nothing much will change about Kollywood cinema and the cerebral viewer should not start dreaming big after one Kaaka Muttai.

Romeo and juliet tamil movie song dandanakka
Now a days each Tamil movie creating sensational news before releasing to get free advertisement. Romeo Juliet movie does not exception from this basic tactics. In this movie one famous song “Dandanakka” was composed by music composer Imman. This song was composed around a year back during this movie inaugurated. There was buzz created that T. Rajendar who usually used this “Dandanakka” word in his movie and in his dialogues announced that he will sue against the “Romeo Juliet” team to use this word in the song.
romeo-juliet-jayam-ravi-poonam-bajwa T.Rajender does not have copy right of this word. And Moreover this movie hero Jeyam Ravi is good friend to SIlambarasan the son of T.Rajender. This buzz kept revolves till one week before of release. Just one week before, the update of this buzz was circulated that T.Rajender changed his mind and he compromise and he drop the plan to go to court.

Jeyam Ravi at last Happy after one Year
Jeyam Ravi last movie Nimirnthu Nil was not impressive hit in box office. Jeym Ravi movie die not released last one year even he has more movies like Thani Oruvan, Appa Takkar, and Bhooloham. Particularly Bhooloham move has been completed long back and it is does not find way to hit theatre for some issues. Jeyam Ravi relay on Romeo Juliet success and his expectations fulfilled. Yes Romeo Juliet as normal boring story and narration. Only plus point is Jeyam Ravi Gym Body and that too when he torturing heroine Hansika it will lead the viewers are irritating. However all these minus points, luckily it was earns around 5.5 crores in one week collection. It is good collection of this medium budget. Romeo Juliet team including Jeyam Ravi is finally happy and the viewers as usual gets boring and headaches.

Romeo Juliet Review by Baasky


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