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Published on April 25, 2015

pani-thuli-tamil-movie-stillsMovie making is not an easy joke to crack. Young filmmakers can learn this in two ways – either by going through the rigorous practices of film making or simply by flop watching movies, which are the results of poor scripting and execution by people who thought film making as an easy joke to crack. Panithuli can be considered as one such movie, which can teach young and aspiring filmmakers how not to take a movie.

The directors of Panithuli, Natty Kumar and Dr. Jay, seems to have taken the juice of the epic movie Ek Tuje Ke Liye, directed by K Balachandar, to frame the script of Panithuli. Shiva (Ganesh Venkatraman) is about to go abroad and falls in love with Meera (Shobana). However, convincing Meera’s dad, Rajaraman (Tulasiraman) seems to be a tough job for Shiva. Her father wants Shiva to get away from Meera for one year and want him to hold on his love for her without seeing or meeting her. Shiva assures Meera that he will come back to her after one year, thus fulfilling his promise to her dad. However, when he reaches US, Maya (Kalpana) enters into his life. What happens then? Can Meera join hands with Shiva? Panithuli Movie Review
First, Panithuli does not have a convincing script. In addition to this, the execution of script by the directors too fails to make a good impression. The sequences used in the movie are not new ones and these scenes simply irritate the audiences. Moreover, the protagonist’s different case of amnesia does not fit very well to the movie flow and appears as a pathetic justification for his second love in abroad.
panithuli tamil movie reviewThe actors too have done their best job just let the movie further go down. Ganesh Venkatraman tries too much to be Shiva on screen. Including him, all other actors never deliver dialogues perfectly in good Tamil.
panithuli tamil movie review
Overall, Panithuli is simply pathetic and dumb, and for sure, one can avoid it!

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