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Published on April 6, 2015

Released on February 13, 2015, Manitha Kadhal Alla is a Tamil fantasy movie in which debutant Agni wears the hat of a writer, director, and hero. Crafting the plot around the romance between a mortal and an angel, Agni, the former assistant cinematographer to Rajeev Menon, tries to present a fun entertainer to the audience.

Starring Agni, Tarushi, Manobala, Nasser, and Devika, Manitha Kadhal Alla shows the grief of a wealthy but lonely girl (played by debutant Tarushi) who has lost both her parents in a tragic accident. The angel (played by Agni) is sent on earth by the Lord (played by Nasser who has very little to do) to cheer the girl up. The angel is ordered to return to the Heavens after accomplishing his mission. The movie shows how the angel cheers the girl up, as an inevitable romance brews between them.
Manitha_Kadhal_Alla Heroine
The performances delivered by the lead pair are nothing more than “adequate” as the bleak narration does not allow them to leave any impact whatsoever. Evil manipulations of the girl’s relatives who eye her wealth and the attempts of a conniving suitor who plans to compel her into a marriage are sequences that travel on a clichéd and predictable path.
The movie, produced by A.V. Arumugam, K. Eswaramoorthy, and Black Sea Movies, has been edited by Idris. Cinematography has been handled by Bharathirajan, music has been composed by Shammeer, and song lyrics have been penned by Agni himself.

The insipid screenplay and lackluster narration make sure that the movie offers forgettable entertainment to the audience. The director fails to fully utilize the comic opportunities that the plot was potent of. The attempt to touch an emotional chord also remains futile. Manitha Kadhal Alla could have been a brilliant film only if the script had some interesting elements.


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