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Published on May 6, 2015

Written and directed by Don Sandy, Mahabalipuram is a Tamil drama thriller that has hit the theaters on March 13, 2014. Produced by Vinayak, Clapboard Movies, and Studio 9 Productions, this movie features Vinayak, Karunakaran, Angana Roy, Ramesh Thilak, and Vetri in lead roles.

The rest of the ensemble cast includes Karthik Sabesh, Virthika Sheru, and Jayakumar in pivotal roles. The cinematography has been handled by Chandran Pattuswamy and the editing has been done by Kim Aam. The music has been composed by K and the lyrics have been penned by Yugabharathi and O.G. Dass.
The movie begins on a slow pace, but is leaves viewers shattered and startled by the time it gets over. The gripping fashion in which the story has been told is seldom found in present Tamil cinema and the director must be complimented for his diligent efforts. The film, through a moving love story, portrays not only dangerous crimes prevailing in the present-day society, but also attempts to caution the general public, especially women, about the grave offences that tech-savvy criminals are capable of.

Mahabalipuram makes a sincere attempt to understand criminal psychology, while dealing with some serious and recent social issues. The movie, revolving around dangerous crimes, deceit, backstabbing, and exploitation, is not entirely devoid of humor and entertainment. Both the editor and the cinematographer have helped the director in raising the bar considerably. K has done an exceptional job with the music.

The cast has worked a lot in favor of the film, as most of the actors deliver impressively helping the movie to have a strong impact on the viewers. Vinayak and Virthika deserve special mention whose roles as Panja and Mahalakshmi respectively make the audience emotional by the time the movie ends.

The movie has all the knots tied at the conclusion, giving the impression that Don Sandy is a director who is proficient in the art of film making.

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