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Published on January 6, 2016

Tamil Movie Maalai Nerathi Mayakkam Fans Reviews
Movie was good but should have avoided some words/dialogue and added some more stuff to carry in matured/cultured way. Bro prasanth, i liked the way u reviewed this movie and told its a adult movie as-well as a caution. but i literally felt that there were many chances to avoid bad worded dialogues to make it a comfortable movie for families. Many people(Including me) speak such kinda words would not like if it comes in screen, because we also know we are speaking wrong. And i really dont know and dont have such kinda city girl friends around me (that’s another story) so i take heroine character as pure dramatic. The concept about love and sex carried at end was really good. My personnel view friends.

Tamil-Movie-Maalai-Nerathu-Mayakkam-ReviewSridhar J
I wont appreciate this review, The very first review of this year happens to be a partial from you. I do appreciate women to bold, out going and all freedom men enjoy is equal to women as well… But this movie is absolutely unpleasant. It just invoke your dirty assumptions about sex, a normal city person(boy or a girl) would not appreciate this movie,this movie  invokes bad thoughts in your mind.  Be true Prasanth.

Vinoth k
+Sridhar J All I see in front of me is the way the movie changed my perception about sex and it is for positive then why should you oppose it. You better tell what is executed badly.

Sridhar J
+vinoth k, good the movie gave positive view to you. 1st- too many abusing words, 2nd – it gives an impression that most women in cities were drunk(even though I support women drinking) my opinion is the movie gives an impression that city women are drunkards. 3rd – Not even a scene was shown that both ( hero and heroine) sit and talk after the problem has raised (which is an absolute logical), if there is a problem u first prefer to talk to your wife about the problem. 4th – the problem btw the couple were not addressed by the parents at all after 2 years of marriage etc etc… altogether the movie is not a realistic. Its beyond normal activities of a simple common south Indian couple. Most of the movie looks dull. Only thing I appreciate is it is directed by a women (selva ragvan though her husband). Tamil industry must bring women directors to talk about the social issue of women



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