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Published on May 30, 2015

kamara-kattu-movie-stills-and-review-3Directed by Ramki Ramakrishnan, Kamara Kattu is a Tamil drama revolving around two jilted school students who return as ghosts after being murdered by the mother of the girls they loved. This 2-hour-46-minute movie stars Yuvan, Sreeram, Raksha Raj, and Manisha Jith.

The rest of the cast of Kamara Kattu includes Chetan, Bala Singh, and MRR Vasu Vikram. The plot has an abundance of misguided craziness that creates a kind of addiction for insanity in the minds of viewers which keeps them in the theater. They want to keep watching the movie even if the sequences are outrageous.

Ramesh and Ravi, two schoolboys, are involved with their classmates Malarkodi and Poongodi, who happen to be sisters. As the girls enter college, they discard their poor lovers for two affluent boys. The girls’ mother even encourages her daughters to somehow trap the boys. The story takes an eerie turn when the mother murders Ramesh and Ravi who in turn begin to haunt the girls as ghosts. These ghosts have no plan of leaving the girls in peace as that is what the definition of “true love” is, according to them.



Kamara Kattu portrays too many “bad” things, one of which is schoolboys stalking girls. Laughably, the stalking continues even when the boys die. One crazy thing after another keeps happening in the movie, each one more incredible than the earlier one, and yet the viewers are expected to be empathetic to the sincerity with which all these are done! All that the movie offers are ridiculous characters and mindless hilarity. There are various kinds of godmen, the good one who supports the boys and the evil one who uses violent means to exorcise the ghosts. The movie even shows a high-tech exorcist who operates computers in order to interact with ghosts!

This movie is enjoyable if you leave all sense of rationality and logic outside the theater.
The Outrageousness of Kamara Kattu Is Addictive

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