Tamil Movie Anegan Unbiased Review

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Anegan Movie Unbiased Review
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Published on February 18, 2015

Anegan the extraordinary film
that recently released. Director KV Anand came with strong script with this time. Anegan – music and Background work by Harris Jeyaraj is amazing. Particularly Danga Maari Oodhari – all the audiences are dancing. Cinematography is marvelous. 1980’s hero comeback with this movie.

Welcome karthik. Danush acting is ultimate. Here is Prashanth review about Anegan. Anegan the complete entertainment movie.
Anegan Movie Unbiased Review
Anegan Movie Unbiased Review

Review about recently released movie anegan which has danush, asish vidyarthi, amyra dastur and many others playing the lead role. anegan songs and BGM composed by harris jayaraj, editing by Antony.

  1. nmk kannan

    Anegan is awesome, but stop giving marks like a professor u idiot.. youself
    look like a fail guy in your education… try to review without mark ok

  2. michael jackson

    Ajith fans poramai pudicha nainga yennai arindhal flop anathunala… Nala

    • Surya Dev

      Truth spoken 😀

  3. purushoth bruce

    nice review.. Happy u not explained any scenes… Just telling 1 line story
    is enough… Wear some good dress or coat something.. Nearly 10 mins we are
    seeing you.. So wear nice… Except vj n ajith movies for all other movies
    your reviews are good.. Vj movies Ku unga review paathathaan kaduppu
    ayduthu… Also stop with some sensible review.. Mark podra alavukku naama
    enna blachandar ah illa balumahendravaa.. Hmm?? Otherwise ur reviews are

  4. Ramesh M

    i am a diehard AJITH FAN……Its an romance , good Visuals, thriller
    movie…. sure one time watch….
    Plus: 1. Dhanush, Heroine performance super 2. Danga Maari song super
    Minus: 1. Pre-climax nd climax not upto the mark…
    2. Resemblance of Magadheera – Telegu(Maaveran- tamil)..

  5. Antonecza Rajanayagam

    Another good review. Keep up the reviewing, you have all rights to express
    your opinion.

  6. rajesh babu

    I don’t know why you promoting this movie…I saw first show..very very avg
    movie…many many unlogical elements…. 

  7. Venkatesh R

    Soru soru soru sothathavira vera onnunum theriyatha panda 

  8. Chella Pandian

    i dont like your veiw , please try to leave this ,its better for you

  9. tamilan reviews

    im not a fanboy or anything, just a normal movie lover, now a days ur
    review sucks to the core, u sound more like a paid reviewer, YA which is
    above average movie and accepted by audience u gave low rating and for I
    where there is no story or anything except grandeur and u overhyped the
    movie and u gave 4.5 and for this movie u gave 4 where there is lot of bad
    talk about the movie in social newtworks. i can see all the hate on simbu
    in ur twitter n i think ur trying to impress dhanush by this review ,come
    on man day by day ur proving urself to be less credible..before i used to
    come to ur channel to see ur wonderfull review but now im just visiting ur
    channel to see all the funny comments against u.

  10. Narayan Kumar

    Neenga padathe review pannureengala ! Naan unga review va review pannuroam
    ! Its too bad ! please don’t review !Its too bad ! Yenda engaluku padam
    kaasu koduthu paaka vakku illayaa? mutta punda ! I teasera ah thirudittu
    vandhu youtube la potta thevadiya paiya ! Neeyellam review pannura alavukku
    tamil cinema vandhuruchi !

  11. sahaya anand

    rating veeram-3.75;kaththi-3.25 aanaa top ten 2014 la veeram illa kaththi
    irukku yean intha dhubagur

  12. edge elango

    #Anegan – 4/5 un punda ku 2.4/5 ok va

  13. Umesh Anand

    Let the reviewers have their voice, really tamil cinema need reviewers to
    pan bad movies & cheer movies :)

  14. rajesh venkat

    Kanna punda ungotha pundaiya oooka … dhanush support panni simbu aa troll
    pannu then Vijay Ku support panni Ajith Ku troll pannu nadhari naiya

  15. tamilcinemareview

    #Anegan – 4/5 , feels like feast, will collect big, @anavenkat is back big

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