Tamil Comedy Movie Pathayeram Kodi Review – Comedy of Errors!

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Published on January 31, 2015

Vivek acts as Comedy CID in pathayeram Kodi

Pathayeram Kodi is the latest Sci-Fi comedy drama to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry starring comedy actor Vivek in an important lead role. A general rule of making a full time comedy is to write a consistent screenplay that has scenes flow along with a good sequence yet keeping the audiences burst out with laughter. On the other hand, when doing a science fiction based thriller the scenes should not dilute the theme of the movie. Pathayeram Kodi mixes both the genres and ends up being a damp squib that clearly lacks consistency.


Hot Heroine in Comedy Movie

Here is the plot of Pathayeram Kodi. Ashwin (Dhruv) and Bhoomika (Madalasa) fall in love with each other, but later Bhoomika finds that Ashwin is from poor family background. Since Ashwin is a poor man, Bhoomika is unable to convince his father for her marriage. However, both Ashwin and Bhoomika along with their friends invent a chemical potent that turns them invisible when used. Using this as a potential tool, they loot ten thousand crores from Karishma. It is CBCID Officer Shankar Lal’s (Vivek) job to throw lights on the theft.



Director Srinivasan Sundar seems to be unclear with his genre of his movie Pathayiram Kodi. He mixes up elements of science fiction with comedy but mixes it in a bad proportion. The movie during the initial scenes is good with the portions involving the characters Ashwin and Bhoomika. However, the second half of the movie turns into an utter boring watch, especially after the entry of Vivek.

Pathayeram-Kodi-Vivek-and Hot Heroine..

Pathayeram-Kodi-Vivek-and Hot Heroine..

It seems as if the director wanted to leverage the comedy of Vivekh too much that it has ended in spoiling the main theme of his plot. Vivek’s comedy lacks intelligence and may appeal only a certain type of viewers. The scenes shot in Goa, however, exhibit the talent of the cinematographer.

Overall, Pathayiram Kodi is not even worth the money paid for the ticket!


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