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Published on May 27, 2015

Gouravam-Movie-Stills-2Gouravam is one of the latest movies in Tamil cinema industry to hit the screens for this weekend. The movie is the latest directorial venture of the director Radha Mohan who impressed everyone with his light hearted emotional comedies such as Mozhi and Abhiyum Nanum. This time the director has resorted to convey a message for the society with his Gouravam along with his all time partner and favorite actor Prakash Raj, who has produced this flick too. For your information, Gouravam also stars actor Allu Sirish, who is the brother of actor Allu Arjun.

Gouravam-Movie-Stills-3Arjun (Allu Sirish) does not want to hide the desi man in him. He wants to make a living in India to care of his local businesses and to enjoy the company of his family members. He goes in search of his friend Shanmugam, who goes missing after their college days together. In the search, Arjun finds many dark secrets hidden behind the life of Shanmugam, after he elopes with his lover from his home village. What follows next forms the rest of the plot.

Radha Mohan is not our usual commercial cinema director and has always impressed the audiences in some way or other. His emotional light hearted touch in his plots makes his movies worth watching. However, the director had shifted from doing such light hearted flicks and went for a terror themed Payanam. He tasted just the mediocre success. In Gouravam the director seems to be desperate to convey a message for the society, but when there is nothing else other than the message it disappoints the audiences.
Prakash Raj, as usual, does his job well as an actor, but more concentration on the effectiveness of the screenplay could have made his role and the movie itself a more enjoyable one!

 Gouravam Movie Review – Simply the Message is not enough!

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