Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha

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Published on May 11, 2015


Udhayan” heroine Pranitha

plays Karthi’s lady love in the movieSaguni”. This Bangalore girl is the daughter of two doctors. However, she was interested in media from a very young age. ‘Pranitha’ means ‘an all rounder’. Is this Pranitha a real all rounder doing just to her name? It seems so. Here is a list of her top 10 favorite activities.

Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha

Pranitha is a music freak

She listens to every new album ever released. She can sing surprisingly well. The girl was very eager to grab the dubbing chance in her first movie. But, she wasn’t able to do so because of language problem. We can hear her real voice in “Saguni”.



is a Badminton player. She doesn’t go to gym to work out. Regular Shuttle and Badminton games help her maintain her slim figure.

#3: Pranitha loves swimming. Just like Shriya Saran she never misses to swim at least half an hour a day, even if she is very busy. ‘Swimming is the secret of my energy’ beams this sizzling heroine.
Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha

Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of PranithaTamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha
Pranitha is a pure vegetarian. She loves to eat anything and everything green. She can literally survive on fresh juices and fruits.

#5: Pranitha loves modern dresses. She like chick glamorous dresses exposing her beauty. But, she is given homely roles making her wear traditional half-saree or Salwars. She is looking forward curiously for a glamorous city girl role.

#6: Pranitha likes to dance. She hasn’t attended any formal training in dance. But she managed to dance in films with her former school and college stage dance experiences.

#7: Like any other young girl of her age, she is interested in watching movies. “I have done both Kannada and Telugu movies. I am doing a Tamil film now. I watch movies from all the languages. It is my only hobby”

#8: Pranitha is a Sharukh fan. She loves watching his films and talking about him. Off late Karthi had taken that place.

Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha
Tamil Actress Pranitha, Top ten of Pranitha
Pranitha loves the Kollywood industry as she is treated like an angel here. “All the rumors we hear about the film industry in the outside world in bull shit. It is actually very professional.” No appeal for Pranitha’s words.

#10: Pranitha loves to pray. She believes prayers relax her and keep her safe.

We expect a lot from this ‘all rounder’. Hope Pranitha delivers the best. Let wish Pranitha for more best.

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    What a gorgeous looking woman! This is the first time that I have got a strong erection while looking at pictures of an Indian girl.

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    pranitha,,i amvery like y eye.ily

    • hajasham

      pranitha, I Like you.

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