Tamannah does high velocity Glamour in Thadaka

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Published on February 10, 2015

 Tamannah-high-velocity-glamour-stills-at-dailomo-6Heroines are having less career time than Heroes. In South Indian Cinema, this rule is more rigid than Bollywood and Hollywood. Ok. I know I stop these philosophies and coming straight to the point. The important mind blowing news is the young actress Tamannah Bhatia now under pressure to withstand the competition of her co-actresses like Samantha, Amala Paul, Anushka and other young fleshy glamour actresses.  Samantha and Amala Paul both are equal age of our heroine Tamannah. They are very young and they are ultimately elated in Tamil and Telugu Cinema. Malayalam and Kannada cinema considered as low cost or low remuneration areas. Whoever losing the market in Tamil and Telugu they ultimately landed in Mollywood and Sandalwood.

Tamannah-high-velocity-glamour-stills-at-dailomo-1Tamannah was leading actress in Tamil Cinema once upon a time. She was continuously paired with all leading actors of Tamil cinema including brothers’ actor’s surya and karthi in Ayan and paaiya. In this karthi and Tamannah pair was considered as lucky and the most chemistry worked out pair in the screen. This pair again paired in Tamil movie Siruthai. If you have a time to see this movie again (particularly in Vijay TV – How many times they are telecasting Siruthai- They too does not know?). You can realize the chemistry between Karthi and Tamannah was amazing. But, Bad luck to Tamil Cinema viewers. That pair broke after that movie.  There are lot of gossip story here boss. Take a time and read if you didn’t know by clicking here.

Tamannah-high-velocity-glamour-stills-at-dailomo-3 Tamannah-high-velocity-glamour-stills-at-dailomo-3
Tamannah-high-velocity-glamour-stills-at-dailomo-5After that historic incident Tamannah has left Tamil cinema and after that only concentrating on Telugu cinema. In the meanwhile she showed her talent in Hindi Cinema Himmatwala . But, sad there too that movie flopped and Tamannah Bollywood dream become s flat. Now the only area for our heroine Tamannah to conquer is Telugu and Tamil Cinema. (In Tamil Cinema other than paired with Ajithkumar, there is no other chances.). She decided. In Thadaka she exposed with High Velocity Glamour. Movie Pundits like me (hehehe – over confidence?) predict there is much expectation already created in Telugu Cinema fans after seeing the Tamannah sexy and hot navel stills from Thadaka. Why can’t you flirt with Tamannah high velocity Glamour? Click here and spread your flirt.


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