Taapsee Pannu Denies Rumors of her Link up with Arya

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Published on February 1, 2015

Taapsee- Pannu-3It seems as if the peak time for Arya in terms of his career graph in his cinema acting career so far. However, this year also seems to be a high for Arya, who is being featured in many linkup rumors with several actresses down the south. Earlier, his house warming ceremony became a big buzz, when he made a special gesture for actress Nayanthara during the party. However, now, a grapevine in Kollywood has been saying a few days recently that Arya and Aadukalam actress Taapsee Pannu are getting closer with each other!

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The grapevine says that both Arya and Taapsee dating each other. It also claims that both the celebrities are seen together in luxury places in Chennai frequently in recent times. It is well known news that Arya and Taapsee Pannu are sharing the screen space together in the upcoming Arya-Ajith starrer, being directed by director Vishnuvardhan. Another interesting fact here is that, actress Nayanthara, who was earlier rumored to have a linkup with Arya is also starring as one of the leading ladies in the movie along with Taapsee.
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Taapsee Pannu recently had a meetup with the media people and answered their queries. When asked what is going on between Arya and herself, she replied that she is tired and sick of listening to all these gossips and rumors since her entry into the cinema industry. She added that her current projects are leaving her no time to fall into love. She further stated that her current focus is only on profession and is busy with shooting schedules in both Tamil and Telugu industries.
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Taapsee- Pannu-3When asked if the actress is seeing someone else, she replied that she is too happy to be single. For your information, Taapsee was caught in the middle when a fight broke up between actors Manchu Manoj and Mahath, which what the media calls is for Taapsee!


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