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Published on May 13, 2015

We all know that Surya and Jyothika is one of the cute love couple in the Tamil cinema industry. Both of them married each other happily a few years ago. Surya is still doing rounds in the Tamil cinema industry, but Jyothika has quit acting in big screen after the marriage. However, the bubbly girl still appears in advertisements. During a recent meet with Surya, he revealed about the secret desire of his lovely wife, Jyothika.

Surya said that if there could be any secret desire regarding Jyothika, it could well be her undying desire to act in the movies. He said that Jyothika still wants to act in movies even after the marriage and having kids. The Ezhaam Arivu actor added that it was not him who asked her to stop acting in the movies. He stated that it was completely Jyothika’s decision to quit cinema after their marriage. He added that Jyothika wanted to concentrate and spend time with their kids who are growing now.

When asked how Jyothika manages to act in the ads despite raising the kids, Surya answered that acting in ads does not need much of the time. He further said that she just spends two days to act in the ads, and she spends time with their kids almost every day completely.

On quizzing about Jyothika’s return to the cinema industry, Surya said that it is still up to her to decide when to return to the mainstream cinema again. However, he added that she would not hurry up and would make any wrong moves. He further stated that if Jyothika is ready to plunge into the cinema again, then she would be very selective with her roles onscreen. However, he also said that his wife would take care that none of her commitments affects her personal life.

We remember that Jyothika starred in Seetha Kalyanam in Malayalam, which was her last outing in cinema. Now that Surya says that Jyothika may return to cinema again, it is surely great news for hardcore Jyothika fans!

  1. Pragathi

    A person need not leave career for personal life. There are lakes of women who are balancing career and life.

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