Surya and Venkat Prabhu project Maasss – Massu Engira Masilamani Review

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Published on June 15, 2015

Massu Engira Masilamani, more popularly known as Masss, is a Tamil supernatural comedy thriller that had a worldwide release on May 29, 2015. Directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by K E Gnanavel Raja (under the newly-formed banner of Aadnah Arts), Masss also has a Telugu dubbed version named Rakshasudu, that has hit the theaters in Telengana and Andhra Pradesh. The production credit also goes to Studio Green, S R Prabhu, and S R Prakash Baby.

Venkat Prabhu direction style – More Actors and More Sequences of twists
Masss features Suriya (playing Masss and Shakti), Nayantara (playing Manini), Premgi Amaren (playing Jetli), Pranitha (playing Anuradha), Riyaz Khan (playing Kamal Ekambaram), Parthiban (playing Vikram Lakshmanan), and Samuthirakani (playing Radha Krishan), to name only a few. The rest of the ensemble cast comprises Subbu Panchu, Aravind Akash, Vinoth, Sharath Lohitashwa, Karunas, Sanjay Bharathi, Sriman, Jasper, Rajendran, Prinz Nithik, and Manobala.

Mass Dailogues by Madan karky
The story and screenplay have been penned by Venkat Prabhu and the dialogues have been written by Madhan Karky. R.D. Rajasekhar has handled the camera and Praveen K L has manned the editing table. The music has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja who has used the voice of Shankar Mahadevan among many others.
Venkat prabhu is well known for his spontaneous comedy kind of dialogues. In this movie the dialogues are sharper by Madan Karki. The Ghost Surya role in the movie comes as SriLanka Tamil. Surya manages the Srilanka  Tamil accent and Madan karky dialogues are very impressive.

First Time Venkat Prabhu touch Ghosts Story (Male Ghosts Story)
Tamil cinema this is ghost movie time. All the recent ghosts movies are showed as girl/lady as ghosts, Mass is very different. Venkat Prabhu shows narrated the movie in different angle. More Ghosts they never give fear to us, instead we impressed these ghost sentimentally.  With Masss, Venkat Prabhu has adopted one of the most successful Tamil movie genres in recent times, that of horror comedy. The movie has a series of Venkat’s signature topsy-turvy twists, coupled with a strong back-story and flashback. Suriya’s characterizations are commendable, as the actor catapults the film forward with his screen-presence and dialogue-delivery. Stunt-master Silva deserves a special mention for the fights and the car chase in the first half. Premji stands out with his comic body language and antics.

Nayanthara looks beautiful but does not have hefty part
Maasu Engira Masilamani movie’s negatives include the predictable scenes that kind of drag the sequences. The editing could have been better in the second half and Nayantara’s mature acting skills could have been used more. Nayanthara comes as nurse and we can count the Nayanthara scenes. However what I conclude Venkat Prabhu use her character as correct. If Nayanthara scenes would extend in this movie then it will spoil the narration of the movie.

Ayan Surya returns in Maasss
I like the Surya movie Ayan for brisk and active Surya. The same Surya returns in Maasss. Surya acting is very impressive particularly the Ghost Surya Role.   In this movie Surya comes back from Anjaan mass failure.
Masss has sufficient inventiveness to attract the audience, although it lacks a certain bit of raciness. Overall, it is worth a watch during the summer vacations. We watched this movie in theatre with our children. In the first part of the movie at beginning they feared when ghosts are coming in the movie as like Surya. Then how Surya gets technic to speak with ghosts by saint in temple, the same way our children are mingled with ghosts’ performance. However Maasss has little bit more violent scenes which it does not bring any tax concession from Tamilnadu state government.

Why we called Maasss is blockbuster?


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