Surya Amala Paul PandiRaj Tamil movie Pasanga 2 Review

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Published on January 11, 2016

Raja KR   Excellent review. When Shankar remade 3 Idiots, he didn’t change even a single scene since he knew the movie is already perfect. But by changing the scenes from Tare Zameen Par the intensity and the sentiment of that movie is more diluted in this.

Ashok Kumar  It seems, your reviews are in much of speculation. I saw the movie and really recalled many incidents related to reality . You made a blunder that, “children’s issue was not told clearly”. You must be dumb or not clever or do not have own children. Just ask the parents who understood the behaviours of kids shown in the movie. The movie was made with acceptable screenplay. They did their part and not like you said “struggled”. You must watch the movie again or atleast should have proper references before comment.

Kavi Venkat  Movie is really good and this kinda movie is necessary for this generation… There is nothing wrong in taking one movie as inspiration to give another good movie… How many Tamil people watched “taare Zameen par ” movie but this one is for sure will reach the whole Tamil audience … So please don’t discourage people with your negative review when the movie is really good…

Karthik  hello boss  don’t compare this film with taaee zameen par…That film shows the relation btwn amir and boy,bt in this film there is no need for a common doctor to be shown very close to the kids…this film is jst a lesson to parents that how they must bring up there kids and how to identify there kids talent… overalll movie is very good lesson for all the parents…… guys nowadays this man seems that he is not reviewing the films properly…
Mohan  I have been watching your reviews for sometime and this is the 1st time I am writing a comment. Even I watched this movie. Honestly speaking your reviews are more of critics rather than a review. Your approach never been honest. may be your strategy to get attention but that shouldn’t happen undercutting others initiative and talents. If you are a good analyst of cinema I feel you should direct a movie then when someone reviews it then you will understand what dirty work you are doing now. Don’t thing with the views and negative feedback you can grow big. I am a common man and neutral. I watch all the movie but the reason I see your review to know whom you are going to bad mouth and you always do that perfectly.


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