Suresh Krishna introduces Vania Mishra to Tamil

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Published on March 6, 2015


Vania-Mishra-hot-8Vania Mishra was the one pretty girl who won the Miss India title last year. The modelling beauty is all set to make her debut in a new movie, which is to be directed by director Suresh Krishna. For your information, Suresh Krishna has the credit of directing a few most successful movies starred by Superstar Rajnikanth such as Baasha, Baba and so on. The movie also will mark the Kollywood debut for Telugu actor Prince, who is going to play the lead role.

Director Suresh Krishna himself was eager to comment on this new development. The director told the media that he is going to make a new movie starring new faces in Tamil cinema and he added that he would make the official announcement of commencement of the project once the title and some cast and crew of the movie is finalized. Questioning about the recruitment of Vania Mishra, the director revealed that, the once he decided to make a new movie with new faces, one of his friends suggested to consider Vania Mishra, who was the Miss India for last year. The director added that he followed his friend’s suggestion and called Vania Mishra to attend a screen test. And that is how it all happened said the director.

Talking more about Vania, director Suresh Krishna revealed that Vania Mishra was down to earth despite her Miss India status. He added the actress was energetic and also showed extreme dedication. The director also added that Vania Mishra is a hard worker and he came to know about it when he wanted her to deliver a dialogue of one page length and she did it without any mess up.

Talking about the theme of the movie, director Suresh Krishna revealed that the movie is breezy entertainer, which will be a romantic thriller.





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