Superstar Rajnikanth Donates Ten Crore Rupees to Manthralayam Temple

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Published on March 15, 2015


Superstar Rajnikanth is not only a well known figure for his style quotient down the south, but also is known as a very generous person. When it comes to philanthropy, Superstar has always been a role model for other celebrities in doing the right deeds and services for the sake of people. Another time has come now to prove his greatness of his generous face. The Kollywood icon, according to the reports, has donated ten crore rupees to Manthralayam Sri Raghavendra Temple!


Guru-Raghavendra at Manthralayam

A report from the officials of the Sri Raghavendra Temple located at Manthralayam in Andhra Pradesh state says that superstar has donated the generous sum of money for the reconstruction of certain areas of the temple. The report exactly reads that the Sarvagnya Mandhir area of the temple region has to be dismantled and should be reconstructed as cottages and air conditioned rooms as a part of facilities for the visitors of the temple. A flood in the year of 2009 had damaged many regions of the Manthralayam temple, which incurred damage worth 100 crores of rupees. Hence, as per the reports, it seems the Temple officials are planning to rebuild those flood affected areas, and it is for this reason that Rajnikanth has donated now.



For a long time, we all know that Rajnikanth is a very spiritual persona and has always attributed his spiritual belief to his incredible success in his professional career. In addition to this, he always has a special belief in Saint Sri Raghavendra. In fact, his hundredth movie Sri Raghavendra was a biopic on the Saint and the superstar himself portrayed the role on screen. He is also a regular visitor to the Manthralayam temple. Sources close to him even say that he has a habit of giving gifts like Raghavedra’s photos and statues to the people who come to his home to visit him!


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