Superstar Rajinkanth movie Kochadaiyaan is for Diwali?

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Published on May 11, 2015

Kochadaiyaan RajinikanthThere could not be better news for Superstar Rajnikanth’s fans than the news about the release date of his movie. Thalaivar’s latest flick, Kochadaiyaan, which is a motion capture based animation movie, is getting the shape at a rapid pace. Although the movie is purely an animated flick, which would obviously take a long time for the making, the makers are taking care of the time too and are eager to wrap things up as soon as possible. Speculations in the industry reveal that Kochadaiyaan may hit the theatres for this Diwali, if things fall in place perfectly!

A film corporation involved in the making of Kochadaiyaan says that the makers have not yet confirmed the release date for the movie. It adds that the making of the movie is going at good pace and the makers are planning to have world wide release of the movie. It further states that Kochadaiyaan will be available in many versions like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, German and some other foreign languages. However, it also adds that if things go in the way as planned, Kochadaiyaan will get ready soon and it may also witness a Diwali release.

However, the producer of the movie, Dr. Murali Manohar, has revealed a different story. He has told the media that the release date stories of Kochadaiyaan are mere speculations. In addition, he also reportedly said that a Diwali release is not possible since the movie is going to have several versions in terms of languages.

Quiz an expert film distributor, all he says is that this year’s Diwali will witness the release some really big flicks. He states that movies starring Bollywood’s biggest stars with the likes of Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn would be up for the release by the Diwali. He adds that if Kochadiyaan too hits the screen at the same time, then the equation will be drastic. He further adds that, in such a situation, Kochadaiyaan may lose many audiences in the North India and in foreign countries, where Shah Rukh Khan holds an edge. He also believes that the makers of Kochadiyaan would not take such a risk.

Thalaivar’s fans are already desperate of knowing the release date of Kochadaiyaan, and let us wait and watch when the India’s best animation flick is going to hit the screens!

Kochadaiyaan First Teaser

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