Sundara pandiyan Movie Review Yet another Family Entertainer

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Published on March 12, 2015

SUndara-Pandiyan-Stills-Dailomo-2Tinsel town and village based family entertainers are doing the rounds in Tamil cinema industry currently since a year. These movies, although do not have a very good fan following in urban areas, do well in the box office when it comes to B and C regions. Sundara pandiyan is one such movie that has hit the screens recently, which features director M Sasikumar in the lead role. The movie is a complete family entertainer that has love, action, comedy and sentiments equally sharing the plot’s space.

Here is the story of Sundara pandiyan. Sundarapandiyan (M Sasikumar) is a degree holder and spends his time getting along with his friend Murugesan (Soori) in his village. Arivazhagan (Inigo Prabhakaran) seeks Sundarapaandiyan’s help to get the love of Archana (Lakshmi Menon). Archana is also the love interest of Bhuvaneshwaran (Appukutty). Sundarapaandiyan gets into the act to convince Archana to love Arivazhagan. However, Archana says she loves Sundarapaandiyan himself and no one else is in her interests. What happens after this twist in the tale forms the rest of the movie.
Director of the movie Sundarapaandiyan is S R Prabhakaran, who comes from the school of director M Sasikumar. In his debut flick, S R Prabhakan has followed his guru Sasikumar sincerely in making a good story based on people from Madurai. However, friendship and love and the twists following that are a very clichéd plot. Despite the clichéd plot, still S R Prabhakaran does not make the audience disappointed. A good script and free flowing dialogues in the movie shows that the new filmmaker has some substance in him.
Director M Sasikumar, who has already played lead roles has tried to change a bit and has tested his ability to play a mass hero in Sundarapaandiyan. As Sundarapaandiyan on screen, Sasikumar succeeds, but his role appears stereotypical, because of his Porali and Naadodigal. The supporting artists like Soori and Appukutty have done a good job and help the humor to flow alongside the plot.

Sundarapaandiyan, overall, is a good family entertainer, although the movie has some flaws.


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