Sundaattam Movie Review – Second Half Misses the Coherence

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Published on March 11, 2015

In recent times, many movies in Tamil cinema industry have come up with a theme backed by some form of sports. Gilli is one good example, which came almost a decade ago with a theme of Kabbaadi, although it did not form the main plot of the story. However, the movie Vennila Kabbaadi Kulu had the sport in its main plot. Similarly, the movie Aadukalam, which portrayed the tradition Tamil sport of Cock Fight, earned a National Award. With the inspiration from these movies, director Brahma G Dev has come up with Sundaattam, which has the indoor sport Carom in its main part.

Sundaattam is set in the year of 1990. Prabhakaran (Irfan) is a jobless guy who finds interest in whiling away his days in playing Carom with his friends in an actor’s fan club. Circumstances give him a chance to meet Kasi (Madhu), a star player in the illegal Carom club owned by Bhagya Annachi (Naren). Prabhakaran takes on Kasi in a Carom game and defeats him successfully and earns the respect of Bhagya Annachi. His love life too gives him happiness, before Kasi, who is unable to bare his defeat, comes again to take the life of Prabhakaran. Can he survive?

The first half of the movie shows the hard work of the director Brahma G Dev. The director brings live the scenes of 1990, where fan clubs of actors seemed to be a heaven for the jobless guys to while away the time. The director also characterizes the lead role and the villain (Kasi) in an effective way, thus helping the audiences get easily set with the plot and the characters.

The second half, however, cuts loose the intensity the director set up in the first half. The story seems to have many sub plots, and the director, unable to give a satisfying end to them in a united way, gives an ending to each sub plot separately, which disappoints the audiences.

Overall, Sundaattam, lacks coherence in the second watch, but is not a completely bad movie too!


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