Sruthi Hassan and Suresh Raina Dating Each Other?

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Published on May 15, 2015

Suresh-Raina-1Westerners say that Cricket and Cinema are two officially untold religions in India, widely followed in every part of the country. The sport and the glossiest form of the performance art have got engaged in many ways many times since their inception.

When both cinema and cricket get together, there is such a fan following for that glorious occasion in all parts of this nation. The IPL organizers have understood this well and they get the celebrities to watch and cheer up their favorite teams in almost all the matches. The interesting part of this merger is that, at times cricketers never hesitate to date cinema actresses and here is one such incident that has happened reportedly.

The birds in the Kollywood report that actress Sruthi Hassan is getting very close with the cricketer Suresh Raina who is playing for the Chennai Super Kings team in the Indian Premier League. The sources say that both of them are dating each other after several meetings during the IPL matches and after match parties. We all know that Sruthi Hassan was present for many IPL matches played by Chennai Super Kings in Chennai. The sources say it just took a few mutual friends to get Sruthi Hassan and Suresh Raina together.

A very close and well informed source from the side of Sruthi Hassan says that Suresh Raina thinks Sruthi Hassan as a luck mascot, since the cricketer returned to his best form only in the second half of the league stages. The source also adds that since the meeting, the two have been hanging out frequently and are seen together in the late night parties after IPL matches.

There have been many instances like these where cricketers and movie actresses are linked together and they have also become true some times. We have to wait and watch how this one turns out!

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