Srikanth Janani Iyer Soori and Pandi in Paagan Movie Review

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Published on May 4, 2015

Paagan-Soori-Pandi-SrikanthThere is quote that “The most serious thing to do is the comedy”. It sounds true when someone tries to crack a joke but fails miserably to make people laugh. If you see the movie Paagan, you might feel the same thing. Debutant director, Aslam, a student of noted director Ameer, has tried to put forth a laugh – out – loud comedy flick, but he fails make the movie with right timing sense, which is quite important for anyone to make people laugh.


Here is the plot of Paagan. Subramani (Srikanth) and his friends share a common dream – to get rich without toiling hard. They together plan several things to get insane amount of money over night but end up being failure all the time. Mahalakshmi makes an appearance in their life, and Subramani and his friends want to use her to get all the riches from her, as her dad is the wealthiest person in their town. Hence, they implement plans to make Maha fall in love with Subramani. Maha, without any knowledge of Subramani’s money motive, falls for him. However, after a point, she understands that Subramani simply runs behind her wealth and not her. The relationship breaks, but will Subramani understand and make a reunion with Maha?


The story of Paagan begins with the lead role’s cycle and the narration moves on from it. While it looks interesting enough at the beginning, the plot starts to slip out as the comic scenes and sequences, actually made to make the audiences laugh, lack the sense of timing. The director, later, tries to pull things together to present a quality show. However, the movie gets out of the comic track and becomes a love melodrama in the final stage.


Srikanth tries a lot to present himself as a small town guy, but he has not given a perfect portrayal. However, Kovai Sarala, who plays the role of his mother in the movie, does enough to do justice to her role. Janani Iyer does well in her role of Mahalakshmi.

Overall, Paagan is comic, but lacks proper timing sense!

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