Soodhu Kavvum Movie Review – Do not Miss This One!

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Published on February 25, 2015

Soodhu-Kavvum-Movie-Stills-7Soodhu Kavvum is one of the latest releases in Tamil cinema industry and the movie is all about a kidnapping attempt carried out by four interesting characters. Soodhu Kavvum is one of the rare movies in Tamil cinema. The movie is of noir – comedy, which is not usual for the Tamil audiences. The characters have been sketched so well that they make the audiences get into plot in no time. The movie works so well, as the director Nalan Kumarasamy, who is famous for his good short movies released in YouTube, has delivered only what is needed without any compromises, and more importantly in a quite entertaining way.

Soodhu-Kavvum-Movie-Stills-3oodhu-Kavvum-Movie-Stills-6Das (Vijay Sethupathy) has a team behind him that comprises of Pagalavan (Simha), Sekar (Ramesh Tilak) and Kesavan (Ashok Selvan). As a team, they kidnap people for money and earn for their living. They plan and kidnap Arumai Prakasam (Karunakaran), the only son of a well to do politician Gnyanodhayam (M S Bhaskar). However, the mess begins to happen when the team knows that Arumai Prakasam has been planning for his own kidnap to get money from his father to start his own business. What happens next forms the rest of the plot.
Director Nalan Kumarasamy’s Soodhu Kavvum works very well to be honest. The movie has everything lined up neatly for a perfect entertainer carrying a genre that is somewhat new to the audiences in Tamil Nadu. The movie’s characters, the brilliant screenplay, the dialogues all carry the vision of the director in every essence.

The audiences never feel bored or disappointed thanks to the interesting story telling ability of the director. The characters have been given considerable screen place and the actors have done more than justice to their roles.

Santhosh Narayanan’s background helps the movie in a great way.

Overall, Soodhu Kavvum is easily one of the gems in Tamil cinema industry this year, and one must not miss this one!


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