Sonna Puriyathu Movie Review – One cannot understand This Wafer Thin Story!

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Published on February 15, 2015

Sonna-Puriyadhu-6 Sonna Puriyathu is one of the latest movies to hit the screens in Tamil cinema industry, which stars actor Shiva in the lead role. The movie has been directed by debutant director Krishnan Jayaraj, who has assisted director C S Amuthan in Tamizh Padam, which also starred actor Shiva. The movie has a story that revolves around the lead roles who wish to break their marriage plans somehow or other. The wafer thin storyline and inconsistent comical attempts make the movie a poor watch.

Sonna-Puriyadhu-1Shiva (Shiva) works as a dubbing artist for the Chinese movies that are translated into Tamil for release in Tamil Nadu. He is a hardcore bachelor and loves his bachelor life that is full of partying and boozing. However, his mom is concerned about his marriage and wants him to get married soon to a very traditional girl whom she knows. However, Shiva hates to get married with that girl called Anjali (Vasundhra Kashyap). Even Anjali is not happy about her marriage and they both plan together to put an end to the marriage arrangement. Things become messy as they do not go as planned. Can Shiva and Anjali overcome the difficulties? What happens to their marriage?

Sonna-Puriyadhu-2The storyline might sound similar to the story of Dum Dum Dum. That could be tolerated but the director’s approach to the screenplay is what keeps the movie down throughout its runtime. The storyline is not strong but the director’s casting and approach makes it weaker even more.

Shiva’s attempt of comedy provides a slight relief but he too appears redundant in his body language since his role offers him no room to try something new. The director’s choice of casting Vasundhra Kashyap for the lead role Anjali is another big mistake the director has committed.

Overall, Sonna Puriyathu has nothing to offer to the audiences!


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