Sneha and the new age mantra Yoga

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Published on February 10, 2015

Sneha and the new age mantra Yoga
The movie in which actress sneha acted before the elections was Ponnar Shankar. Currently she is acting in films like Vidiyal, Murattu Kalai and Nootrukku Nooru. She has apparently signed for some Telugu and Hindi films as well. She is in news now not for the films that she is acting but because of the new routine she is following these days. Actress sneha has taken up Yoga seriously these days and says it pays promising benefits for her.
All her competitors in the film world are busy doing glamorous roles to attract the audience and stay on top of their career but this charming actress refuses to act in such roles. She has no problem doing some homely roles.  There is a sudden change in her looks. She has become more beautiful, the secret of this being “YOGA”. She admits that she does this yoga for minimum 2 hours a day and that gives her lot of happiness and great health. She has controlled her diet too apart from doing some power yoga that has added more beauty to this actress.

She can attract the audience with just her looks now and there would be no need to wear any glamorous outfits to achieve the same. She has lost some extra weight and looking absolutely sexy and lean these days.  Her career today is not at the peak and this has not affected this beauty in any ways. Her confidence is brimming and she is sure to reach the top by doing some family roles in the near future. When it comes to Ad campaigns or endorsements she is the ideal choice for many multinationals as she has established that homely image among the mass.

Yoga has helped her achieve hourglass figure. She has witnessed a lot of change within her self and become more effervescent.  The main question that many would like to ask her is “Will this power yoga” alone help her reach the top of the ladder. Will that suffice to win over in the field of tuff competition…Or is it just another way for actress to inform the media that they do not have too many films on hand….Time will tell.


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