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Published on May 17, 2015

There is controversy going on in Tamil Cinema against the reviews by Netzens. After whatapp evolved to every hand the reviews by everyone is possible after the first screening. Australia and New Zealand first woke up in the world. The first screening in this country and review from there after first screening is spread to Tamilnadu before the first show happened here.  However, more criticism is going on these net reviews. See this post in by muthuramalingan.

The below review by Prashanth too one of that controversy review?. No it is not it is unbiased one.

Review about recently released movie Isai which has SJ suriyah, Sathyaraj, Kanja karuppu and many others playing the lead role. Music for isai is composed by SJ Suriyah himself, editing done…

  1. Mohammed Barzeen

    Evlo thambI kaasu vanguna… 


    Comparing with ‘i’ movie. I feel isai is very good.entertainter movie….. 

  3. Srinivasan M

    ISAI is far better than “I”, Duration for “I” is 3 Hrs and 8 Mins not at
    all required. But for ISAI i never felt bored for 3 Hrs,

  4. Ashok Kumar

    Worst review… Gilma? U don’t know the perfect weird to describe glamour
    also… Shit head. If u see “I” movie, it s having more glamour than this
    movie, but u said nothing about that.First of all don’t do partial

  5. Santhosh V

    boss… ennaku oru doubt…? neega yaar boss movie review pannurathuku…?
    neega enna 10 film pannithu athula 5 national award vakkinigalaaa….!!!
    illa review pannurathuku ungaluku enna thakuthi iruku….DOT

  6. Shry Vishnu

    bro powder ellam thukal ah iruku,, :D

  7. Aravindan Elavarasan

    Pls give me an explanation what is annoying ?? F**k off don’t exaggerate
    about Tamil cinemas! you can ask me why you watched this video but the same
    i ask you why the fuck you post video about Tamil cinema and your sucking
    jalra about tamil heros!! there are lot ways to spend 120 bucks!! 

  8. Ram

    Apdi perusa ganja karuppu ku enna scope? Sathyaraj sir oodhi thalirkaaru nu
    sonniye unmai thaan. Cigarette ah eppo pathalum oodhi thalitu thaan
    irundhaaru. Ivlavu famous aagiyum gilma gra varthaiya use panalama?
    Padathla perusa onnum illa romba over hyped review madhri irunduchu. 

  9. SG S.Ganesh

    2:48 and 3:03 both times i thought you were gonna say “Kassa vangitu
    vanthu…….review pannrom” hehehehe 🙂

    BTW Gilma is such a cheap word. There are very many decent words you could
    have used. You have so many viewers. That cheeky smile on your face when
    you say that word shows that you really wanted to use that word as many
    times as possible in this video!!! Very disappointed!

  10. Ragavendran narayanan

    What’s the point of repeating that word “gilma” so many times.. Very cheap
    mode of reviewing… Even u know that we are in 2015 and no one approaches
    theatres for that so called “gilma” on your dictionary.. Cheapest of all
    your reviews.. Keep going

  11. Im mohu

    This fellow criticizing the duration of this movie and giving only 3.5
    stars, saying many negative points. But what about ‘I’ movie same 3 hrs 10
    min and no negatives and gave 4.25 stars.

  12. Anonymous Geek


  13. Alagiri N.U.

    #Isai on my view:
    Outline is somewhat same like ‪#‎Ai‬. But screenplay played better
    than,that flim. He has done such a great job as a director and as a
    composer. The great plus for the flim is ‪#‎Sathyaraj‬. This is the one of
    the best in his career. This flim could have reached another level if he
    would have choosen other actor as a lead. Bur still the flim is worth
    watchable and a very good attempt of master director. Welcome back sir!!
    You havent lose your forms and touch in this gap. Happy for that smile
    My rating is : 3.5/5

  14. jishnu m

    Its not 2014 its 2015

  15. tamilcinemareview

    #isai – 3.5/5 , SJ suriya is back! Sathyaraj and screenplay the heroes!

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