Sivakarthikeyan first action movie Kaakki Sattai unbiased review

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Sivakarthikeyan first action movie Kaakki Sattai unbiased review
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Published on March 17, 2015

Vijay TV fame Tamil Actor Sivakarthikeyan after hot-trick success of Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, Ethir Neechal and Maan Karate now comes up with action hero role in recently released Tamil movie Kakki Satti. Sivakarthikeyan known as comedy hero however as usual all the hero’s want to succeed in action and Sivakarthikeyan is not exception in that list. The movie started with punch dialogues and Sivakarthikeyan stunt with kundas and everyone throw in each corner.. oh Sivakarthikeyan action movie…mm it burst..

Sivakarthikeyan first action movie Kaakki Sattai unbiased review

Kakki Sattai the blend of comedy and action is totally failed. First off is run very fast and second off testing your patience. Sivakarthikeyan tested his action skills however across the movie we come to confusion of it is comedy movie or action movie. After I came out from the theater still i have this confusion in my mind.
Here is review by Tamil Cinema Reviews Prashanth.

Review about recently released tamil movie kaakisattai which has siva karthikeyan, sri divya, prabhu, imman annachi and many others in the lead role. anirudh has composed the songs and BGM for kaaki sattai, sukumar has done the cinematography and the movie is directed R.S. Durai senthilkumar.

  1. Karthik Palaniappan

    a mundane movie,

  2. Sahil s

    Free advice Don’t watch dis movie for 120/- it is worthless ….u can watch
    d movie for 50/- to 80/- ……

    While am watching the movie with my frds, on 3rd song of 1st half all went

    nd come back after getting some air….

    nd another thing is tht v can predict each scene before it appears in
    screen it was disappointing…..


    Check the link below after 1 mouth for actual rating of d movie…

  3. Chandru N

    Oru manusan movie yoda review panunaa puducha paarunkadaa yethuku intha
    thevai illathaa comments , unkalaiyellam 1000 periyaar vanthaalum
    thiruthave mudiyaathu!!!

  4. Thalapathy Thala

    Ok let’s say you are a harsh reviewer. If you’re a harsh reviewer, how come
    you gave ‘Isai'(Mega flop of the year) 3.5. Kakki Sattai is minimum 3.75.
    Sivakarthikeyan has shown mass at the level of big mass heroes like ajith
    and vijay. I believe if Sivakarthikeyan didn’t do this movie, he would’ve
    acted in a few more movies as a comedy hero, then would’ve dissapeared
    because all his movies are similar

  5. Hari Praveen

    rasanth ,.nice review ,. kalakunga ,. inga yavan yathu sonalum

  6. Prasanth Kumar

    Bro.. First thing Ur looking gud in tys video.. & ur review too 

  7. Gajanthan Ranganathan

    Pesama nan kasu poduran, Nee Direect pannuriya? Padam pathiya? Mooditu
    ukkaru. Padam nala than iurku. Australia la sanam rmba enjoy pannuthu.
    Panada naye. Neeyum unda Review um. Mavane kaila kidacha motha dead bdy nee

  8. Rajkumar E.A

    Saapadu saapadu dhan………Romba theramaya pesureenga pola???//!!!!!!!!!

  9. Vinoth Kannan

    Dai panda ne pesama directors ellarukum class eduda da karadi ella
    padathukum kurai sollikittu mark potta ne enna avalavu periya methai ya da
    panda karadi…..

  10. Amphotoclicks

    Panda nee innum mottai podalaya?

    Adutha thadava Motta pottu review kudu, appo thaan chinna pillannga ellam
    saapadu saapidum

  11. mohammed mazhar

    dai panda social media l on tholla thaanga mudiyala,,,,kumki

  12. Surya Priya

    AAAPPPAADAAA! Prasanth Negative Reviews kuduthittaru..appo Padam Confirm
    Hit aagum! :P

  13. Sathapillai Dharmalingam

    Good review Peasanth same I think about today watched this movie
    #kakkisattai #itsprasanth

  14. Ganessan B

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    Really getting on track review

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  15. Umesh Anand

    honest review as usual! review pudikalana yenda thirumbi inga vanthu
    polambureenga! saathitu pongada

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