Singer Chinmayi Faces the Heat of Picture Morphing

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Published on February 10, 2015

Tamil Playback Singer Chinmayi faces threats in Twitter

Being a celebrity is not an easy job. You might lose privacy in life and you might receive strong criticisms and so on. Cinema celebrities in recent times have been facing the troubles from people creating fake profiles in famous social networking sites. Recently actress Shruthi Hassan and actor Sudeep have faced this trouble. However, publishing or sharing morphed images of cinema celebrities, especially, images of actresses have been a long trouble since digitization happened in media.  The recent one to face this type of trouble is singer and TV anchor Chinmayi.


Tamil Singer Chinmayi faces threats in Twitter

Singer Chinmayi’s images have been morphed with sexual and obscene notions by someone and are circling rapidly in the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. A few morphed images even depict the actress in a naked state. Soon after knowing the circling of her morphed images, Chinmayi has reacted strongly against the bad practice. She has lodged a complaint petition in a police station stating in Chennai asking them to punish the culprits. It seems the singer has also directly approached the commissioner of Chennai city to take immediate action against the people who have involved in cyberspace bullying.


Tamil Singer Chinmayi faces threats in Twitter

The singer was also available for a comment regarding this issue. She told us that there are obscene morphed pictures of her in sites like Twitter and that is why she has lodged a complaint. She also added that there are six people who are involved this bad act. She also added that there is also a professor who is behind this act. She said that she has requested the police to initiate actions against those who are involved.



Further, she stated that doing such things, which try to reduce the modesty of the celebrities, is actually causing mental stress to them. She added that those who do these cheap acts never care about the stress and agony of the celebrities. Singer Chinmayi also told that she is hopeful that the police will bring the culprits to book!


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