Singam-2: Very Engaging and Roars Louder Than Ever But Not Better Than the Prequel

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Published on March 7, 2015

Singam2-Movie-Review-5Singam-2, the sequel of Suriya’s earlier film ‘Singam’ with director Hari, is clearly one of the most anticipated movies to be released this year. Sequels are a lot more challenging that the real film but the hero and the director have given their 100% to make Singam-2 a grand success and they manage to keep the audiences engaged in the movie all time and never allow them divert their mind elsewhere. Such is the story, screenplay, direction and most importantly, the acting of the crew!!!

In Singam-2, the cop ‘Duraisingam’ lives in Tuticorin to keep a watch on the illegal transactions carried out by ship. He stays in disguise as NCC master in a local school for almost the first half of the film and tries to find out their trading secrets, the men involved in the transactions and tries to collects enough evidence to take charge as the DSP of the town and put the men behind the bars. This was his initial plan with Vijaykumar, as the duo discuss at the end in the first part. But due to unforeseen circumstances in the storyline, he takes charge well before in advance and gets started with his aggressive plans to ensure the criminals dealing with an international drug dealer are punished by the law, though, with an illegal police operation called ‘Operation D’.

Singam2-Movie-Review-2As for the crew, the new additions are Hansika and Santhanam. Surprisingly, they both have more scope in the story than the original heroine Anushka and comedian Vivek. Yet, they all rock together as a crew. Thanks to the supporting roles of Nasser and actor Rahman, who is best fit for the negative roles. Apart from this, the item song by Anjali is the first song in the movie and features more of Suriya rather than Anjali. DSP has done justice to the BGM but not all songs are great to hear though. The cinematography and choreography needs a special mention and a pat as they strongly add to the pluses of the movie.

Though everything seems to be perfect in Singam-2, there are several small loopholes in the storyline but he director doesn’t allow you to go deep into it. At times, the dialogues look like they are uttered only for the sake roaring as they pretty much seem to be unwanted! Honestly, the songs by DSP could have been much better than this as they fail to engage the audience during songs. Only two songs are pretty good. Even critics of Suriya will appreciate and enjoy the time they spend seeing this movie due to the movie script, stunt, comedy and some great acting!



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