Simbu and Nayanthara are Friends Again

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Published on May 22, 2015

Simbu-and-Nayanthara-are-Friends-AgainKollywood is abuzz with the news that Simbu and Nayanthara are friends again. Yes! It seems as if both of the stars have buried the hatchet and have become closer to each other. Both the celebs were spotted sitting together and discussing for a long time in a cine function. For your information, both Simbu and Nayanthara created a big buzz in Tamil cinema a few years ago with their love affair. Even the pictures containing two of them lip locking each other surfaced in the internet. However, after a while they broke up!

Nayanthara was not available for a comment on this gossip. However, STR agreed to comment on this news. He confirmed that he and Nayanthara are patching up together again, but just as friends. He added that Nayanthara is a good soul and she has become a good friend of her now. He further added that it is foolish to think of her in a romantic way.

Simbu stated that both, he and Nayanthara, are still fond of each other. He added that as professionals in a cinema industry, they have a lot to talk about and share with each other like common friends, movies and each other’s lives. He also told the media that it is usual that people still have the affection for their old friends if they come across them again in their life. He added that this, exactly, is what happening between them right now.

When asked if still there are any issues in the new friendship between them due to their old love affair, Simbu replied that there is no such bitterness surfacing in their friendship. He added that both of them have forgotten about the past life incidents and have moved on completely without any issues.
Additional information is that, Simbu tried to rope in Nayanthara to play an item number in his movie Osthe, but, later both of them agreed it was not a right move.

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