Simbhu Manmadhan 2 to Star Six Girls

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Published on February 9, 2015

Simbhu, who is currently busy with projects like Vettai Mannan, Vaalu and Poda Podi, is also simultaneously gearing up with his dream project, Manmadhan 2, which is a sequel to his super hit movie Manmadhan. Even though the project is in its initial stages and is yet to get some shape, it is garnering enough attention in the industry already and is creating huge buzz in the cine media. It would definitely do so, because of the fact that Simbhu may get the Oscar famed A R Rahman to set the tunes for the project and may rope in six leading girls in the K – Town as female lead roles.

Sources close to the actor – director reveal us that Simbhu is really feeling excited to start this dream project as soon as possible, although he has three commitments already. The source adds us that Simbhu has already convinced the Mozart of Madras, A R Rahman, to work as the music director for the movie. The source further adds that Simbhu is currently looking to narrow down the names of leading heroines to play female lead roles alongside him. According to these sources, the movie’s script would require Simbhu get as many as six girls to play as heroines for the movie.

Quiz the sources who are all the girls on board to romance Simbhu in Manmadhan 2, all they say is big names like Trisha, Tamannaah, Illeana and Anushka. The source also reveals that Simbhu is also looking out for two more girls to romance him in the flick. The first edition, Manmadhan featured Jyothika, Sindhu Tholani and Mandhira Bedi as the leading ladies.

The first edition is also well known for a controversy, where a person name A J Murugan directed the flick but Simbhu added his name to his credits. Regarding the sequel, the actor himself is all set to direct this one!



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