Shruthi Hassan Called Her Dad Kamalhassan as Sir

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Published on May 15, 2015

We all know that Kamal Hassan is a very professional artist when it comes to making a cinema. He expects absolute perfection from everyone of the crew with whom he works. People say it is always a daunting task to deliver what Kamal wants when working with him. However, what happens if his own daughter is working along with him? It did happen once, in fact, Shruthi Hassan’s debut as a music director in the movie Unnaipol Oruvan. The music director turned leading actress shares with us, now, how it was when working with Ulaganayagan,  Kamal Hassan, her own father.

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Speaking about her father, she tells us that Kamal’s quest for perfection is the reason why he pushes every one along with him to be perfect. She adds that she too felt the tough challenge of working along with him in her debut as a music director in Unnaipol Oruvan. She tells us that she felt the job very challenging and daunting, as it was her first experience in a feature film. She further adds that while working for the movie, her dad was very clear in what she wanted to do exactly as a music director.
Sruthi Hassan
For your information, Shruthi Hassan got trained at the Musicians Institute in California, United States. She says that her study in music helped her a lot and, it is this merit that helped her to get the chance of working as a music director in her debut flick rather than being the daughter of Kamal Hassan, and Kamal being the producer of the movie. She adds that her dad clearly knew what she learnt in the music school and what she got to deliver for the movie.
Sruthi Hassan
Shruthi says that initially she felt very tough and scary to work in the movie because she was unable to deliver the western music influence that her dad and the director wanted from her. She adds that while working in the studio, she called her dad as Sir, as a part of professionalism! However, she says that she still feels very happy as she later managed to satisfy her dad’s needs!


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