Shriya Saran- In the media for wrong reasons

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Published on January 30, 2015

Reema Sen had organised for a cocktail party in a star hotel and invited some actresses and actors for the same. Shriya was one of them and was seen drunk heavily; to that extent that she could not walk. Well, sources say that even after the party is over, she could not walk till the entrance. Her friends helped her to reach her car.

Actress Shriya however denied this and said that she is very upset with this rumor of being drunk. She has taken a vow that she will not spare those who spread nasty rumors about her.

She however agrees to the fact that she visits various star hotels and pubs very often, however have not been to any recently. She also confesses that she does not drink and is surprised how such rumours spread among the masses. She also says that the picture that is put on various media is actually not her picture. It is a magic of technology. She feels that her image is morphed.

No matter what, Shriya Saran manages to find herself for all wrong reasons in the media. We are all aware that this actress said that she was not part of ‘Viswaroopam’ and that she was never approached for the film.

Now the actress is ready to take legal action against those who have plotted this. She wants the person to come and apologize on their own. If not she is willing to go to any step to set this right. She has provided a warning note to those who might have planned this.

We also cannot forget that this actress was in controversy when she commented on the government decision on the minimum age for drinking. Her tweet message was “You can get married at 18, cast your vote, and go to a professional college. But legal age to drink is 25” Shriya feels that an individual has the right of freedom to make his decision.

Her recent tweet and this latest news of being over drunk at a function are raising many suspicions on this actress and the truth behind this issue.


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