Settai Movie Review – Original is better but Fun Guaranteed!

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Published on May 20, 2015

Santhanam-Anjali-Aarya-Settai-Movie-StillsSettai is another comic caper to hit the screens recently in Tamil cinema, in addition to Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga. For your information, Settai is the Tamil version of the super hit Hindi comedy Delhi Belly. The original version was much talked about and almost controversial for its abusive dialogues and lyrics. Actor Imran Khan did a fabulous job to don the lead role in the original and actor Arya has essayed his role in Tamil version. For people who have already watched Delhi Belly, Settai would not be a great watch, as the director Kannan fails to replicate the dirty comedy in Tamil, although managing to make the house laugh throughout the movie.

Premji-Amaran-Santhanam-Aarya-Settai-Movie-StillsAarya-Anjali-Settai-Movie-StillsHere is the plot of Settai. Madhu (Hansika Motwani) picks up a bag accidentally, which has diamonds in it. Without knowing that, she wants to deliver that bag to its owner through her lover JK (Arya). JK out sources the delivery job to his roommate Cheenu (Premji Amaran). Cheenu mismatches the bag with another bag that contains the stool sample of another roommate Nakki (Santhanam). With the mafia leader (Nasser) running in search of the diamonds, the three roommates get caught into mess. What happens to them forms the rest of the story.

Although the content was not a comfortable one for the family audiences, Delhi Belly became a super hit for its dirty dialogues and comedies. That dirty fun factor is absolutely missing in Settai. Even the characters in Settai have been written in a quite conventional way, which does no justice to the original. However, the director seems to have stuck with his idea of just adapting the script of Delhi Belly to make it watchable for the Tamil audiences.
Arya, Anjali, Premji and Santhanam all do a fabulous job, but Hansika’s lip sync sounds pathetic. Songs too have been woven into the script in a very commercial way.

Overall, Settai might appeal to the Tamil audience as a good comedy, although the truth is it does no justice to the original Delhi Belly!

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