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Published on March 10, 2015


We all might have heard of a proverb called, “A Rolling Stone Gather No Mass”! If you watch Sembattai movie, you will end up remembering this proverb. Yes! Obviously, the director of the movie Sembattai, I Ganesh, has tried desperately to concentrate too many things within the two and half hours. Unfortunately, his attempts have gone in vain, as the improper mix up of things has resulted in lack of focus and concreteness in the movie script.





Sembattai movie revolves around another brother sentiment story. Kayampoo (Srijith) and Sembattai (Dilipan) are brothers. Kayampoo struggles to earn for a decent living, while his brother Sembattai is a mentally ill person. Amidst this tough living condition, a girl (Gowri Nambiyar) enters into the life of Kayampoo. In addition to this, to make ends meet, Kayampoo joins a cartel, which promises to give decent pay to him and to his fishing community. Later, Kayampoo finds that the cartel does not have a good motive. Can he do something extraordinary to make things better for him and to his community? More importantly, can he safeguard his brother and his girl?





Let the positive discussions come first. Sembattai movie’s real advantage is the cameraman Saleem’s capturing of scenic beauty of the coastal locations. Using this advantage, the director has tried to establish his characters to the audiences. While this seems to be a good beginning, the bad part of the movie starts after some time.



Too many things pop up one after the other. There does not seem to be orderliness in the screenplay due to lack of a concrete script work. The pace of the screenplay suffers often, as the director has not attempted to deliver the right motive of the movie to the audiences. There are also some logical glitches in the movie, where the director has bent his plot a bit to favor to the lead role.



Overall, Sembattai lacks focus in its script and fails to keep the audiences engaged with the movie!


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