Sattam Oru Iruttarai Movie Review – A Dud Remake of the Fresh Original!

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Published on January 24, 2015
Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Thaman and Pia Bajbai

Sattam-Oru-IruttaraiThaman and Pia Bajbai

Sattam Oru Iruttarai, which released three decades ago in 1981, was one of the hallmark movies of the director S A Chandrasekar. The movie starred Vijaykanth in the lead role and came up with a fresh content of how a man can fool away the law and justice keepers on our country, who simply abide by the outdated laws and punishments. The movie became an instant hit and was remade in many cinema industries then.

Sattam Oru Iruttarai (War For Love)
Story, Screenplay & Creative Head S A Chandrasekar
Director Sneha Britto
Hero Taman
Heroine Reemasen, Piaa, Bindu madhavi
Music Director Vijay Antony
Cinematographer C J Rajkumar
Editor Rajeesh
Art Director Vanaraj
Lyricist NA. Muthukumar, Annamalai
Dance Choreographer Deena, Robert, Radhika
Associate Director Ramesh Rangasamy
Singers Andria Jeremiah, Harini, SrilekhaParthasarathy, Naresh Iyer, Haricharan,Vandhana,  Deepak, Ajesh,Santhosh and Vijay Antony
Producer Vimala Rani
Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Movie - Thaman and Bindu madhavi

Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Movie – Thaman and Bindu madhavi

The same movie has been remade by debutant director Sneha Britto with the same name and with slight changes to original plot to suit the younger audiences. However, all her debut efforts seem to have gone in vain, as the remake just appears to have poor adaption of the original content.

Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Bia Pajbai

Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Bia Pajbai

Vijay (Thaman) loves a girl, but his lover is killed by some goons. Vijay begins to identify them to take revenge. With his efforts, he succeeds in tasting the blood of revenge. However, he is caught by the police, but still manages to escape from the eyes of justice using the loopholes of the outdated law norms. He still has to kill the gangster, who is the primary killer of his lover. However, his sister Kousalya (Reema Sen) is an ACP who is on the mission of taking on her own brother. What happens in this cat and mouse chase?

Reema Sen in Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai

Reema Sen in Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai

The storyline seems to be an interesting one with a little tweak in the original content. However, the director fails to make the cut right with her poor screenplay and pathetic sketch of movie’s characters. To her woes, the lead actors too have not done impressive jobs, with Thaman looking uncomfortable as Vijay along with struggling leading ladies. Even the support roles have been written without sense and justice to the plot.

Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Thaman-Pia Bajbai

Sattam-Oru-Iruttarai-Thaman-Pia Bajbai

The biggest failure lies in the climax of the movie, which just turns out to be a lecture on change of law in the country. Sattam Oru Iruttarai remake remains as a dark room with no fresh light thrown on the audiences!


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