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Published on May 27, 2015

Thirupathy Samy(Srikanth) travels ticketless in a bus. He beats up the checking inspector. He is remanded to custody. During his stay in jail he comes across various atrocities that happen to his inmates.  When he is released he writes a first person account in the paper he works for authentically. Home minister is forced to tender his resignation. Only then it is known that the hero is a reporter who goes to any length, confront many risks to be factual. He therefore encounters many enemies. One day he meets a beautiful girl Aarthi (Sonia Agarwal) and they fall in love. He asks her to come to a particular place to meet his dad.  As she is waiting for him, thugs in a car suddenly kidnap her. Traumatized as to where his lady love is, Thirupathy Samy gets a call from the kidnapper. A strange call indeed!  The antagonist, kidnapper, claims responsibility for the deed, gives him 15 days time to find her, in which case she is his, if not, it’s check mate!

The game of chess begins…between the hero and the villain Rest of the story is a visual treat of how Thirupathy Samy struggles to find his ‘love’ with the help of those whom he assumed were his enemies.

Isn’t checkmate always professed in the end?
Watch this game, to check, conquer, circumvent, control and finally for the loser to capitulate!

Cast & Crew:

Cast Srikanth, Sonia Agarwal, Mahadevan, Ganesh Yadav, Saranya, Ilavarasu, Monobala, Sreeman, Vinodhini
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue
and Direction
Karu Palaniappan
Banner Mass Movie Makers
Music Vidya Sagar
Art Rajeevan
Dance Dhinesh
Stunt Super Subbarayan
Editor Suresh Urs

Courtesy : Karu Palaniappan

Sathurangam Movie Stills


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