Saguni Movie Review Second Half Plays the Spoilsport

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Published on April 22, 2015

Saguni the mass entertainer of the year
Saguni, starring Karthi playing the lead role and a Shankar Dhayal directorial, is a complete commercial entertainer that revolves around the political scenarios of the state and how one man changes it for his own interests and for the goodness of the people. The movie is also a comic satire that spoofs the current scenarios in the country, like the people’s mad interest in the god – men, unfair elections and so on. The movie’s first half and the second half show various differences that even the plot appears to be different.

Saguni Story good Start and lack of Twists
The story of Saguni begins from Karaikudi. Kamalakkannan aka Kamal (Karthi) hails from a prestigious family in Karaikukkudi. His family is well known for its generous activities. However, his ancestral home is in the danger getting destroyed, as the government of Tamil Nadu plans to build a railway lane near the home. Hence, Kamal goes to Chennai hoping to see the railway minister in order to save his home. However, his attempts go in vain. He finds his aunt in the city fortunately and asks for her help to save his home. Her aunt’s daughter Sri Devi (Pranitha) attracts and Kamal and soon they fall in love with each other. However, Kamal’s aunt does not encourage the love and sends Kamal out of her home. Kamal now stands helpless with his love shattered by his aunt and his dream of saving his ancestral home fading out. Will he do something to get the lost things back?

The Second Half of Saguni
Saguni’s director Shankar Dhayal is aware of the taste of the masses and has filmed his debut flick to cater to the mass audiences. However, he misses out a few important things. The first blunder is that he has failed to stick to one variety of the plot. While his interesting narration keeps the audiences engaged in the first half, the sudden switch of plot in the second half seems awkward. The narration in the second half just looks ordinary and gives Karthi no room to show his acting potential.

Pranitha, Santhanam and Verdict
Pranitha, playing the female lead, has just a few scenes and songs in the film. Santhanam’s comedy is a plus for the movie and makes the audiences laugh throughout the runtime of the movie. G V Prakash Kumar’s music does justice to the genre of the movie, but there is no great numbers.

Lack of twists and poorly narrated second half tells us that Saguni is not a wise man, unlike in Mahabaratha!



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