Sadha to Shake Legs for a Sizzling Song with Vishal

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Published on June 7, 2015

Sundar C Next Project Madha Gaja Raja aka MGR
Remember Sadha, the pretty girl who debuted in the Tamil cinema industry in the super hit movie Jayam along with Jayam Ravi. After a long hiatus, the twenty eight year old actor is back in the industry. However, this time, the pretty star is getting a bit dirty. She is about to dance along with Vishal for a sizzling item number in the upcoming movie Madha Gaja Raja aka MGR, which is a Sundar C’s next  directorial.

Sadha almost forgetten by Tamil Cinema
Sadha, who had an impressive debut with Jayam, a few years back in Tamil cinema, is not in good form now. The filmmakers have forgotten her almost completely, and according to the sources close to her, she has not been getting many offers for the leading roles in recent times. Even though she has a good career record with her movies such as Anniyan, Unnale Unnale, Edhiri and Priyasaki, her recent movies such as Puli Vesham flunked at the Box Office and did not earn her the required reputation.

Sadha is now struggling to get good offers
The Marathi girl is now trying her luck in Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema industries. However, the sources add that she is getting numerous offers to play as one – song – roles in Tamil cinema. The sources also say that Sadha was ignoring such offers, as she thought that one – song – roles would depreciate her image in the industry. However, now it seems like she has given a positive nod to the one – song – role offer made by Sundar C in his next movie.

Sadha finally Item Song Actress in MGR
The Sundar C’s next movie tentatively titled as Madha Gaja Raja aka MGR stars Vishal in the lead and he will be romancing Karthika of Ko fame. The sources close to the movie unit say that Sundar C has come up with an innovative concept for the item number, and it is this concept, which has attracted Sadha to perform for the item number in MGR!


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