Rima Kallingal- Sex on the Beach- Controversy!

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Published on February 5, 2015

Rima-kalingal-sex-on-the-beach-controversy-photos-13Celebrities are closely followed by the media all the time. In these times of extreme use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook the celebrities are being followed closely by the media people. In such platforms, dilomacy and decency is followed by popular people since they have very large fan following. However, celebrities, in some instances, create controversies by swearing in these platforms or by locking horns with their counterparts or fans or by posting some awkward contents. Actress Rima Kallingal is the recent one to get involved in such a controversy.

Rima-kalingal-sex-on-the-beach-controversy-photos-13Rima-kalingal-sex-on-the-beach-controversy-photos-13Actress Rima Kallingal, who is famous in Malayalam film industry and has acted in a Tamil movie called Yuvan Yuvathi, has posted an awkward status message in her social networking page, which has created a controversy. We all know that the actress got married recently to Malayalam film director Ashiq Abu. It seems as if Rima and her hubby have spent the Valentine’s day together on a beach. The actress, in a highly romantic mood and wanting to share this story, had posted her status message as ‘Sex on the Beach‘. Since, the phrase seems to be quite awkward, soon after her post, her fans and other followers of her page started posting messages opposing the actress’ status.

Rima-kalingal-sex-on-the-beach-controversy-photosRima-kalingal-sex-on-the-beach-controversy-photosSome people wrote that Rima should be more careful in revealing her private life to her fans and followers online. Some posted that she should learn how to pick words while posting her status in social platforms, which is quite public to anyone. Some went on to the extent of saying that it is one of the cheap tricks of the actress who is trying to draw attention of the media.

Rima replied back with another status message saying that she just meant a cocktail party and asked her fans not to go by the exact word. She even followed up with posting an image of her and her hubby having a drink.



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