Ravana Desam Movie Review – Lends Voice for Sri Lankan Tamils!

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Published on May 24, 2015

Ravana-Desam-Movie-Stills-5Ravana Desam is a newly released Tamil cinema, which portrays the hardship of the Sri Lankan Tamil people. We all know that the issue of Tamil people in Sri Lanka is quite big and has high political sensitivity. Hurting any community in a mass media will definitely attract controversies. However, Ravana Desam does not target anyone but simply works well to bring on screen the struggles and pains endured by the Sri Lankan Tamil people. Ajay Nuthakki has written and directed Ravana Desam and has played the lead role too.

The story of Ravana Desam is pretty simple. When the LTTE is at war against the Sri Lankan government, a group of Tamil people living in Sri Lanka decide to walk out of their country in search of better and peaceful livelihood. They decide to settle in Tamil Nadu as refugees. Once their journey begins, they realize that they have to endure more pain to reach their destination. Do they survive against all the odds and reach their destination?

The director, Ajay Nuthakki, uses the first half of Ravana Desam to help the audiences understand the theme of the movie. The plot nicely sets in as the movie progresses. There are two songs in the proceedings but they do not help the screenplay. The second half of the movie shows the pain and struggles of the migrating Tamil people. There are many scenes that go melodramatic to effectively portray the feelings on screen. Scenes like people suffering from natural calamities during their journey and people dying pathetically reflect the director’s intentions clearly. The characters speak Sri Lankan Tamil, which sounds quite artificial and awkward at many places.

Ravana Desam shows that the director has worked hard but it is not a movie for those who go to theaters to have fun and entertainment!

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