Rajathandhiram – A Must-Watch Movie in Tamil

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Published on May 29, 2015

Just into the third month of the year, Tamil cinema has already found a movie in Rajathandhiram that can claim a place among the best of 2015. Directed by debutant A.G. Amid and produced by Senthil Veeraasamy, Sunland Cinemas, and White Bucket Productions, this movie has hit the theaters on March 13, 2015.

Featuring Veera (playing Arjun Parthiban) and Regina Cassandra (playing Michelle D’Mello) in lead roles, Rajathandhiram has been distributed by Fox Star Studios. The rest of the cast comprises Darbuka Siva (playing Austin D’Costa), Pattiyal K. Shekar (playing Kanchi Azhagappan), Ajai Prasath (playing Devaraaj Sarathy), Ilavarasu (playing Sethu Madhavan), and Aadukalam Naren. The editing has been handled by Praveen Antony, the background score has been done by Sandeep Chowta, and the music (songs) has been composed by G.V. Prakash Kumar. Cinematography is by SR Kathir.
This 2 hour-12 minute-long solid con movie is a smart heist thriller that is true to its title. The film revolves around three petty criminals who accept the offer of robbing a big jewelry shop. The owner of the store, a ruthless person, is, however, aware of the plan. One needs to watch Rajathandhiram in order to know whether they succeed in their crime venture. Beginning with the sale of a two-wheeler, the movie surprises its audience with its uniqueness. Continuous and exciting games of double-crossing and triple-crossing keep viewers on the edge of their seats till the very end.

It needs an intelligent mind to make a heist film as it is as tricky as successfully pulling a heist where timing is extremely significant. A.G. Amid has performed the trick so confidently and convincingly that it is difficult to believe that Rajathandhiram is the brainchild of a new director! The nimble filmmaking is most evidently displayed during the pre-interval con sequence that happens in a hotel. There is too much to admire throughout the movie and it is a “must-watch” for Tamil movie-goers.

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